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I think it all comes down to motivation. If you really want

to do something, you will work hard for it.
— Edmund Hillary
Let us each resolve to be true to himself, true to his inner
light, true to the Truth as he understands It. When every man
learns to speak the Truth, a complete salvation will come to
the world.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 453

 As a verb, “resolve” means to deal with or to come to a
definite or earnest decision. As a noun, it means purpose
or intent. One of the most common uses of one of the
forms of the word is resolution, as in “New Year’s resolution.”
Perhaps you went through that exercise last month.
Statisticians tell us:
     • Three-quarters will break our resolutions after nine days.
     • Only one in four adults is confident of maintaining resolve
        throughout January.
     • Six out of 10 people surveyed admitted to making and
breaking the same resolution three years in a row.
     Why do we have such low results when we come to purposeful
decisions on our intentions? One answer is that we are
creatures of habit, and habits, as we all know, are hard to change
because of their psychological and physiological aspects. There
are lots of suggestions as to how we might keep our resolutions,
including having three resolutions or fewer, being specific and
realistic and making them meaningful.
     Another approach is to try another approach! A colleague
of mine sets intentions. “I no longer write goals or resolutions.
Now I write possibilities,” she shares. What did you accomplish
in the past 12 months and what are you hoping to create in the
New Year? Resolve may be even more powerful if we choose to
expand our definition.


Today, I resolve to co-create my human experience with the Divine
in a way that works beautifully and perfectly with who I am.

Daily Guide Monday February 12, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine



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