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You have to be able to accept failure to get better.

— LeBron James
Begin to blot out, one by one, all false beliefs — all ideas
that man is limited, poor or miserable. Refuse to think of
failure or to doubt your own power. See only what you wish
to experience and look at nothing else.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 302

     I used to say that I have failed a lot at different things
throughout my life — different career paths, relationships,
hobbies, sports and activities. I’ve tried many varieties and
forms of all of them. Now I have shifted my thinking to be
grateful for all of those learning opportunities. I look at them as
spiritual victories. By that, I mean that while many may have felt
scratchy at best and downright painful on several levels while
I was going through them, as I reflect I can now see what was
mine to learn.
     To be honest, given the option my human self may choose not
to go through some of those circumstances again, yet I know that
each and every experience, thought, feeling and emotion made
me who I am today.
     Is it possible that given hindsight some of your perceived
“failures” were actually victories? Where might you change your
perspective on past events now that you know how much they
have benefitted you?
     As Dr. Ernest Holmes offers, “We know that there can be no
failure in God’s Mind, and this Mind is the power on which we
are depending.”


I release any idea of failure in my life and embrace that I am a
perfect expression of the Divine.

Daily Guide Wednesday February 21, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine



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