isle of skye by Georg Scharf on 500px.comLife is like a baseball game. When you think a fastball is coming, you gotta be ready to hit the curve.

— Jaja Q
With good-natured flexibility, free your thought from any
sense of anxiety or strain, or indecision, or deep-seated
worry and concern, knowing that you have only to keep your
thought steady and clear, fixed upon the potential perfection
of the Universe in which we live.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 243

     I worked as the director of Olympic public relations for a
company that was an Olympic sponsor. As a way to extend
our $60 million sponsorship, we also sponsored a winter
and summer sport through the governing bodies of U.S. Figure
Skating and USA Baseball. Since we were heading into the
Summer Games in Sydney, I was working with USA Baseball to
get them what they needed while maximizing our sponsorship
dollars. We recognized that the team, like all Olympic teams,
was comprised of players at the top of their sport. The
management of USA Baseball requested media training for
the team of young men and coaches. It was right up my alley
with the academic and professional credentials to provide them
exactly what they were seeking.
     The challenge was timing. All of the young men were just
wrapping up their college seasons. Some were completing
collegiate careers and heading into practice with an entirely new
group. There was a small window when this training could take
place, and the number of locations was even smaller. I hosted
a training for these 30 extraordinary athletes and their coaches,
led by the legendary Tommy Lasorda, on a Saturday morning in
a locker room in Arizona. We were all flexible in our approach.
The team went on to win the gold medal and was thrust into the
spotlights of national and international media attention.
     It’s good to have a plan, and it’s also good to be flexible and
in the moment. Where in your life can you be more flexible?


I am clear in my direction and flexible in how I reach my goal.

Daily Guide Tuesday February 20, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine



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