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God Knows Where

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No one ever loses when one trusts love.
— Rickie Byars

We must trust the Invisible, for it is the sole cause of that
which is visible.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 57

     Have you ever had the experience where you needed
something to happen in your life, and you just didn’t
know how it was going to happen and where it was going
to come from? In those moments, you may have had the thought
or maybe even said something to the effect of, “I need (fill in the
blank), but God only knows where it’s going to come from.”
     Little do we realize at the time that God does know where it’s
going to come from. When we are rooted in truth, we live from
the knowing that everything we need is naturally provided.
Holmes wrote about trusting the invisible. We must know that
God in us knows exactly what we need and when.
     Trusting the Invisible creates peace of mind. We no longer
worry about what to do, where to go or how we will make it. We
trust the power within us to guide and direct us to experience
our greatest and highest good, no matter what might be happening
around us.
     Obviously, we are not to sit back and wait for something to
happen. We must do our part. We must show up and do what is
front of us. Yes, we do our prayer work, remember our affirmations,
and then get busy working toward the fulfillment of our
vision. Anchored in the truth that God is all there is, we can let
go and trust that the Divine knows where.


I trust in the power of the Divine. I am abundantly supported in all
I do.

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