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Joy is rooted in gratitude. A grateful heart is a joyful heart;
a joyful heart is a grateful heart. — Anonymous

All forms are rooted in one common creative Mind and the
Spirit of God is the Spirit of man.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 413

     Plant life presents us with a profound truth. All plants are
rooted in the Source, which of course is Mother Earth.
Earth provides everything the plants need to thrive. Even
the plants in the oceans are rooted in the Earth.
     Notice also that plants are not concerned with how they will
be nourished. There’s not much competition among plants. It’s
amazing to see how the aspen tree grows alongside the pine
tree, how the dandelions grow next to the roses.
     All of this is done naturally. Yes, there are some plants in the
world (maybe weeds) competing for Earth’s nutrients, but for
the most part, all is taken care of. What a great lesson to recognize
that we are rooted in the Source. Once we know we are
firmly grounded in the Source of all of life, all of life is then free
to be expressed through us and as us.
     How do you know when you are rooted in truth? When you
experience that peace that passes understanding. When, like
the mighty oak firmly rooted in the soil, we are firmly rooted in
Spirit, the Source — it doesn’t matter what the winds of change
bring. We can stand strong in the face of it all and say, “I shall
not be moved.”
     Every day, give thanks. Expressing gratitude is a sign of
being rooted in the truth that there is only one life. That life is
your life now.


I am grounded in God. I live, move and have my being in peace, joy
and love. I am the love of God.

Daily Guide Tuesday March 6, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine – Latest Issue



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