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March on. Do not tarry. To go forward is to move toward
perfection. — Khalil Gibran

Healing is not creating a perfect idea or a perfect body; it is
revealing an idea that is already perfect.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 212

     When I was growing up, I often heard that Jesus was the
only one who was perfect. I just assumed the adults
knew what they were talking about. But as an adult
consciously traveling on my spiritual path, I re-qualified what
the word perfect means to me. And, I must confess, the dictionary
helped, too. The dictionary defines perfect as faultless, flawless,
picture-perfect; complete, whole, total and intact.
     In the New Testament, Yeshua is quoted as saying, “Be ye
therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is
perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)
The key to this line is even as your Father, which is in heaven is
perfect. Metaphysically speaking, Father is the Infinite Presence
which is known by many names: God, Allah, Krishna and so on.
Here’s the exciting part. Heaven is always found within.
     So, the perfection of God, Father and Krishna is already
within you. Perfection is who you were created to be. You are the
perfect idea in the perfect mind of God. This the truth of who
you are. Even with the seeming imperfections, you are perfect.
     Knowing this, you can move on to create and experience a
life filled with joy, grace, perfect health and abundance. You can
march on. Do not wait. Keep moving forward to your perfection.
Peace and abundant blessings on your journey.


I am the perfect idea in the perfect mind of God.

Daily Guide Friday March 9, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine – Latest Issue



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