Love Yourself

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When we love the whole race with the whole heart, then we
shall enter the presence of Him who is love.
— Christian D. Larson

Treat to know that Love is stronger than any other force in the
Universe, and that steadily and rhythmically the Life of God is
pulsing through your body.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 249

     It all starts in love, and it all fades into love. Love is all there
is. Some people may have an issue with using the word God.
That’s perfectly all right. Substitute the word Love for God. In
doing so, scripture takes on a different feeling. For example, in
the beginning, Love created the heavens and the earth.
As Holmes said, Love is stronger than any force in the universe.
Love — that deep, unconditional love — has the power to
change everything. This unconditional love, the love that created
the heavens and the earth, is the love that flows through the very
core of life. It is the power that flows through you and as you
now. No matter what, love. Your spouse upsets you; love anyway.
Your job or work is causing you stress; love anyway. Love
changes everything.
In all this loving, the most important person to love is yourself.
You are the most the most precious person in your life. God
so loved the world, that It created you. It created you in Its spiritual
image and likeness, which is perfection itself.
Love yourself unconditionally. No matter what the mistakes
were in the past, love yourself today. Loving yourself opens
doors to a greater life. But don’t take my word for it. Try it for
yourself. For the next seven days, love yourself. Do nice things
for yourself. Tell yourself that you love everything about who
you are. You will see that loving yourself changes everything.


I love me. I love everything about me. I am the love of God.

Daily Guide Saturday March 10, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine – Latest Issue



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