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Science Of Mind Magazine – 9/22/2013

*** by Lincoln Harrison on

*** by
Lincoln Harrison

Imagine What?

Ernest Holmes reminds us that we create twice, once in thought and then in manifestation. Thoughts that I allow consistently have the best chance of becoming reality. My role as co-creator with the Divine begins with the discipline of paying attention to my thoughts.

When I first became acquainted with the power of thought, I was a bit paranoid, because I often experienced negative, knee-jerk reactions. However, I soon learned that a passing thought does not make a pattern. Like any good prayer, I can expect thoughts of lack and limitation to be honored and answered fully. To choose more wisely, I added the phrase “cancel-cancel” after my negative internal talk. Thus, I allowed consistency, not the exception, to rule.

Power of thought works both ways. I can either conjure up a world that works for everyone or allow thoughts that limit my good. My deliberate prayers are about hanging out in an expectation of abundance. Yet, when I allow the thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “There isn’t enough prosperity in my life,” those also are prayers. Either way, imagination gives mental form for the prayers to manifest. Wow! I control that form. What an awesome system Life has designed for us.

Here’s a powerful exercise to create abundance using your imagination. Imagine beyond what you think is possible. Way beyond! You want to engage the brain in creating new connections totally unlike the past. You want it to be outrageous, new, and surprising. This elicits tremendous feeling. Imagine basking in the gloriousness of expanded emotions: proud, sexy, honorable, respected, secure, generous, powerful, humble. Imagine the awesomeness of freedom, generosity, and peace of mind inherent in outrageous abundance and deep gratitude. The mind does not distinguish between objective reality and the reality created in imagination. After the outrageous ideas and exceptional feelings, release it with “this or something far greater.” The abundance the Divine has in store for us can shock, delight, and leave us dumbfounded.

From Rev. Kathleen Lenover’s “Practical Prosperity” column, SOM Sep 2013.

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Tosha Silver – The Abundance Change Me Prayer

Read This When You’re Ready To Allow Prosperity, Wealth, and Abundance Into Your Life….

Divine Beloved, Change Me into someone who can give with complete ease and abundance, knowing You are the unlimited Source of All.

Let me be an easy open conduit for Your prosperity. Let me trust that all of my own needs are always met in amazing ways and it is safe to give freely as my heart guides me.

And equally, please Change Me into someone who can feel wildly open to receiving. Let me know my own value, beauty, and worthiness without question. Let me allow others the supreme pleasure of giving to me. Let me feel worthy to receive in every possible way.

Change me into One who can fully love, forgive, and accept myself….so I may carry your Light without restriction.

Let everything that needs to go, go. Let everything that needs to come, come. I am utterly Your own.

You are Me.

I am You.

We are One.

All is well.


From – Fall 2013 – page 24

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Money flows to you when you watch this – Must see

It still amazes me how just some videos are on “top” AND “call” to me and when I watch them Ï then “see” why it called to me! In this video there are two images from Rio de Janeiro, currently where my son is and those images really pulled at my heart knowing how much he needs his daddy from hearing and “feeling” him calling for his daddy in m heart which is the number one reason and what primarily fuels my desire for money so that I can be debt-free, therefore no longer needing to work long hours every day working two jobs, giving me more leisure time to enjoy with my son, to have a house with a large backyard for him to play in after I return to Brazil to get him and bring him HOME! I needed this video this morning to help “remind” me where my focus NEEDS to be and help take my attention more off of currently “what-is” that I have been allowing to control my thoughts and emotions very much these past couple of days which I know why I am feeling so drained….BUT, no more! My son needs his daddy, and daddy has to be living proof and an example for him that the Law O f Attraction does work and he can have and live all of his dreams!

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I deserve to be wealthy, rich, prosperous, and affluent.

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