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As A Man Thinketh – 12-6-2011

If you look around and see a lot of what you don’t want in your life, you’re experiencing “negative attraction”

Debt, bills, stress, a job that leaves you unfulfilled (or perhaps no job at all) – strained relationships, lack of passion or creativity. Nobody “wants” these situations or problems.

But most people spend a lot of time THINKING about them. And we know from the law of attraction that what you think about – you attract.


This is part of the regular email that I receive for “As A Man Thinketh”, the rest led into an advertisement for a new program….but I was/as more concerned with the above words and the truth of these words but this is exactly what I (unfortunately) experience on a fairl regular basis….and yesterday (and also Sunday/Monday) were difficult days filled with much stress over problems that created much stress and anxiety. And I know because of my regular worry and fear I attracted these situations, I need to stop “feeding” this type of thinking. But I continue to get caught in the “Garbage Loop”..something negative happens, I give it attention and then the corresponding emotions, which lead into something else happening, I give it attention and the corresponding emotions, something else happens and on and on and on…(Abraham actually said it better, but this is my version). Of course these things are supposed to show me what I do NOT want so that I can turn my attention more to what I DO WANT, but I still give more attention to what I do not want instead of what I do want. I am and have been working on trying to be more conscious of when I am doing this but the habitual negative thinking still overrides, but I know as long as I continue to work on reversing this type of thinking and focusing more and more on what I Do Want, then the negative thinking, events, and circumstances will start losing momentum.

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