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Creative Mind and Success : First Steps – 10/2/2013

Oú est le petit Chaperon Rouge II by Lars van de Goor on

Oú est le petit Chaperon Rouge II by
Lars van de Goor

Thoughts of failure, limitation or poverty are negative and must be counted out of our lives for all time. Somebody will say, “But what of the poor; what are you going to do with them; are they to be left without help?” No; a thousand times no. The same Power is in them that is in all men. They will always be poor until they awake and realize what life is. All the charity on earth has never done away with poverty, and never will; if it could have done so it would have done so; it could not, therefore it has not. It will do a man a thousand times more good to show him how to succeed than it will to tell him he needs charity. We need not listen to all the calamity howlers. Let them howl if it does them any good. God has given us a Power and we must use it. We can do more toward saving the world by proving this law than all that charity has ever given it.

– From Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes, First Steps page 13

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