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Dr. Susan Shumsky – 7/3/2013

You deserve the fulfillment of your cherished desires. You deserve to be happy and to be at peace. God (Source) loves you.

(Note: I added “Source” – but the label(s) are irrelevant for Our Happiness and living Our Dreams are what is important!)

Dr Susan Shumsky – 2/11/2012

As an adult, you imagine you will be happy when you get that next promotion or that house or car.

Of course we have to LEARN how to be “Happy & Feel Good” even before we get the next promotion, that house, or car (or Real True Love, that dream Ham Shack & leisure to time to play radio, or having my son here with his father) This has definitely been a difficult challenge for me personally as a search for ways to separate my emotions from the undesired circumstances & situations. I have several friends going through difficulties and I keep telling them to keep a smile on their faces & good feelings in their heart hoping that some of this energy will flow back and help me as well. Got to be that living example & practice what you preach but it gets difficult at times even trying to “think” happy thoughts….but I WILL succeed!


Dr. Susan Shumsky – 12-7-2011

Happiness is an attitude of mind, and is entirely independent of outer circumstances.

This was just posted in Dr Susan Shumsky’s Twitter feed (@SusanShumsky) and another reminder that One must ”feel good” in spite of outer circumstances or situations. A ”challenging” task most of the time but yet very necessary if one is to improve their circumstances and situation from the undesired to the desired!

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