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Jack Canfield – 11/15/2012

“Be a student to those above you, a fellow traveler to those at the same level, and a teacher to those below you.”

This caught my attention because it made me think about all of those in my life and wondering Who am I a student too; Who are my fellow travelers; & Who am I a teacher too….it does make you think, at least for me.


Jack Canfield Facebook Wall Post – 12/26/2011

Make an “I Want” list. Spend 10 minutes repeatedly asking yourself what you really want. Decide what you want & chances are, IT WANTS YOU!

This goes in line with my “The PLAN” Journal that I still have difficulty actually sitting down and making daily entries in it of how I want/desire my life to be. But doing the above could go hand in hand with making these Journal entries for maybe starting a “List” would make it easier to focus on what I want, need, and desire and then (hopefully) making “The PLAN” Journal entries won’t seem as difficult as well as maybe help bring some life to the words so that I can “feel” the reality of them and not just empty words about things that I don’t believe that I can have.  The what I don’t want is helping show me what I DO WANT, so why can’t I write it down and BELIEVE?!

Jack Canfield Facebook Wall Post – 12/3/2011

How often do you practice visualization and meditation?

The above question was post on Jack Canfield’s Facebook page….of course with regards to Visualization an additional question needs to be asked…Consciously or Unconsciously? I can honestly say my answer would be “Unconsciously”. Unfortunately during the course of the day I find myself visualizing bad things & circumstances which in turn stir up corresponding emotions which lead to more negative images leading to more corresponding thoughts and on and on until either something else demands my attention or I consciously catch myself. Meditation? I fall asleep! I stay so tired from working the long hours of two jobs when I do make time to sit, breath, and clear my thoughts I almost instantly fall asleep and this frustrates me very much. But it is something I must be diligent and persistent and keep working on Consciously visualizing and being able to sit and meditates without always falling asleep. Much work to do…..

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