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Daily Affirmation


Daily Affirmation for Wealth – 8/27/2013


I deserve to be wealthy, rich, prosperous, and affluent.

John Assaraf – 12/25/2012


• I have all the power within me to earn as much money as I choose.

• I am consistently in the right vibration to earn money.

• Money flows to me from known and unknown sources. …

• Money is easy to earn and attract.

• I now have all the intelligence I need to make my fortune.

• Earning money comes easily to me. I deserve all the money I want.

• I consistently use money wisely. I now have absolute certainty in my ability to generate the income I choose.

• Once I choose my financial goals, I achieve them. • Money is everywhere, and I find it with ease.

• I now release any negative thoughts, feelings, or associations with money.

•  I now give myself permission to earn as much money as I choose.

• I now live, feel, and expect an abundance of money.

• It is easy for me to earn lots of money.

• It feels so good earning the amount of money I choose.

• I now have all the confidence and certainty I need to earn as much money as I want.

• I now have a millionaire mindset.

• I am so grateful for who I am becoming so I can earn whatever amount of money I choose.

•  I now release any negative experiences that I’ve had in the past with money.

•  Making lots of money is so much fun.

• I love the choices that making lots of money gives me.

• With more money, I can help more people and do more good in the world.

• The more I give, the more I earn. My personality easily attracts money from many positive sources.

• I consistently take advantage of the right opportunities to earn lots of money.

• I now release any emotions and negative people that may have hindered me from earning all the money I can in the past.

•  I think, feel, and act rich because I am.

• I deserve to earn all the income I choose and am capable of earning.

• I am so happy and grateful that all these beliefs about money are true right now, and they are.

• I am now fulfilling my financial destiny to be rich.


John Assaraf – 12/19/2012

Are you affirmation positive or negative? We may not always be aware of it, but we all create and repeat affirmations constantly. The problem is, we typically don’t pay attention to exactly what those affirmations are saying. Often we go through the day giving ourselves all sorts of contradictory, or even negative messages. We may project confidence to the world around us, while our inner dialogue says… I hope this works. I am so nervous about this. I hope I don’t blow it. Affirmations are self fulfilling prophecies. If we say, This is never going to work… then chances are excellent it never will.

John Assaraf – 9/19/2012

Strive to do one kind thing each day for someone who could never return the favor. Try it. Start today. (From Darren Hardy)

I saw this post and it struck a nerve with me and needed to make a quick comment (before work pulls me away). I do understand this give to another who cannot pay you back and let the Universe pay you. Understand and have seen this written before by other authors. What I unfortunately have experienced is that “act of kindness” becomes an “act expected always”. Which leads me into too many persons have lost the REAL meaning of Love and use it as a tool of manipulation to get (or demand) what they want from another not realizing that with Real Love what they want would be given to them without coercion or manipulation….I could write so much on this but work is calling….

John Assaraf – 8/27/2012

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place. ~ Lao-tzu

Needed this message when I woke up this morning, would have reminded me the “tune out” the Monday morning moodiness especially after spending all my weekend working and no time for myself….again!
Currently sitting here in “eye dialation central” at the eye doctor for a problem with vision in my right eye, a problem that I am sure is a result of stress and incorrect thinking and I know this along with all the undesired (dis-ease) things in my life can be healed!

John Assaraf – 4/1/2012

Do you think you can focus for one full day to not complain, feel bad, blame, shame or justify? Focus the next 1 hr first, then do it for one day. Be mindful and if/when any of those traits come up, be mindful and aware of them, release them and create a positive thought and action instead.

This is the first post using the new WordPress for BlackBerry app, got to used to the new layout. Funny how I saw this post today when I am REALLY needing to break free and quiet all the background noise in my mind that is keeping me “stuck” feeling irritable. I am trying to do things for me today but life obligations keep calling my attention back to them and pulling me bacl and away….thus the irritability! But I am continuing to try….

John Assaraf Facebook Wall Post – 12-7-2011

This is an important excerpt from “The Vision Board Book”: There’s nothing that creates a powerful attractive state like gratitude. It’s only when you are genuinely grateful for your life AS IT EXISTS TODAY that you become genuinely receptive to all that you desire to bring into your life.

Posted today on John Assaraf’s Facebook Page – the “Challenge” is how is one supposed to feel and grateful for a life full of so many undesired situations & circumstances though I do understand the Why it is just the “How” that eludes me.

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