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Today’s Message from Laura Lester Fournier: 11/7/11

Calm your thoughts today.  Empty the vessel that holds your worries, goals, fear, and excitement.  Allow your mind some time to rest today.  When you give yourself this precious time; you create space for wonderful moments in the present.
Laura Lester Fournier    
 “With True Spiritual Presence In Our Hearts And Minds, All Things Are Possible.”
This message I saw originally on Twitter and then went to the site for the full message above. It is quite challenging laying in bed wanting to sleep but the mind will not stop racing through all the problems, challenges, stresses enough to fall asleep, and then when I finally do it is a restless sleep. Then when that alarm clock goes off in the morning, its like the door has been opened and ALL these things come rushing back into my mind and then I just want to pull to covers over my head and not even get out of bed! But I do know just like the body, the mind needs a break too, and wish some days there was a timer switch to shut off the “noise” for awhile. I say “Timer” instead of “On/Off” switch because the temptation would be too great to turn off the noise and walk away and not turn it back on. But I know I have to come back some time, just because I escape does not mean the problems and challenges go awhile, they will just be there waiting for me to come back. But definitely a mental break is very much needed, in fact I have known people to take a “Mental Day Off” from work. But it is interesting that it does not matter how much rest your body gets, if the mind is still tired, you still feel exhausted like you never slept. The one thing I miss from the previous job that I had was all the “Windshield Time” driving from site to site, some even up on mountain tops. That drive time was good for thinking, good for listening to tapes (or nothing but the road noise) and was kind of an ” escape” if nothing crazy was happening like having “One of those Days” where everything was going wrong. I am referring to one of the routine days, got the day laid out to what sites were going to be visited and what work was going to be done and just load up the truck and hit the road. I do miss the mountain top sites as it seemed to put you above all of the chaos below and put you that much closer to the sky and universe. So now need to find a way to quiet the mind, empty bucket, let the mind rest and reflect and “Listen” for the correct direction to go…….
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