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Lisa Moreau – 12-6-2011

It really does not matter what others think of you. Really. It only matters what you think of yourself & that you’re happy. #quote #LOA

This was just posted in Lisa Moreau’s Twitter feed (@LisaMoreau1) and how interesting it is that I find this today after I got basically blasted because of my not being able to satisfy another person’s needs. I know slightly off topic but very much related. As long as I am doing “their dance” and making them feel good then I am a good person. But let that moment come when I am not able to make them feel good, I am no longer good person, get blamed for all their problems, and everything else that was done previously gets forgotten like I never did anything. But I need to remember who I am, with my good traits & qualities along with my flaws. And just need to remember the statement above and not let (false) judgments of others affect how I feel about myself. Not always easy to do though for I am my worse critic. But people got to stop leaning on other’s to make them feel good playing the “guilt” game. Now, how did I attract this person & situation and circumstances into my life? But the catch is not to dwell on this but to dwell on what is desired….

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