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Living Without Fear : Direct the Energy of Thought – 9/29/2013

september by Terje Nicolaysen on

september by
Terje Nicolaysen

   Man measures life through his concepts. Automatically, thought has power. If one wishes to demonstrate a spiritual Principle which he may lay hold of and definitely use, let him forego any sense of coercion and become as a little child in receptivity; let him definitely and consciously accept his good and continue accepting until he experiences it. We must subject ourselves to the Law if we wish the Law to subject Itself to us. A good-natured flexibility with oneself and a faith, persisting in the face of anything which would contradict it, is the only way to approach the Principle of right action.

– From Living Without Fear by Ernest Holmes; Chapter 10 – Direct the Energy of Thought, pages 70-71

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