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Vibrational Changes

The past several weeks have been interesting as I have found that obviously a vibrational change is taking place, not sure if in the correct direction or not….yet…but I have found a lot of “dead-weight” individuals have been removed from my life. And they happened pretty much in a short time of each other and where before I would have been a little upset, now I just laugh it off because I have been pushed very close to that point of “I don’t care anymore” and surprisingly this has been liberating (to a degree) as now other’s actions (or lack thereof) do not upset me as much or at all as used to be. Now I still have to “care” about ME and not be included in that “I do not care anymore” mode. But still a very long way to go as I have been finding more and more how much I have unintentionally let go with regards to ME and my spiritual growth because I was given so much attention to “Them” (aka the dead weight) because they constantly demanded me and my attention to “Them” and make them feel good and happy and give and give and give and even when I did not have to give they still begged me to give what I did not have….which only fed more and more into the feelings of lack! But as each one of “Them” has dropped off the radar and the current disk that I find myself on that has started freeing me to have a little more left for ME!


Abraham Hicks- And So… Where’s My Relationships??

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Abraham Hicks- How does the perfect relationship feel ?

I have grown so weary of having to prove myself time and time again, seeing “Love” being used as a tool of manipulation for others to get what they want, and after jumping through endless hoops only to “see” at the end being told “I just want to be friends!” But I know, as difficult as it is to accept and “see”….”They” are only templates to help me to define what is truly desired….I cannot be truly happy with only the template but must become a vibrational match to the finished product but it is difficult at moments of weakness get wrapped up and try to fill in my own grid with one of those template and then wonder why I keep getting disappointed yet again…and then I REMEMBER why….I got to remember to be selfish and make myself feel good first, feel loved first, feel wealth and abundance first….and then let Source fill in the needed pieces to manifestation. Several person have faded away and I am sure it is because I have, even though some days it does not feel like it, but I have jumped to higher disks leaving those of no benefit other than showing me what I DO NOT want so I can better define what I do want….its not easy, and hurts at times but I know what is waiting for me further down the path and on those even higher disks…..

Jonathan Parker – Love Affirmations

It’s no big secret that if you want to increase love and affection in your life you must first become a loving and affectionate person yourself! The trick is to NOT focus your efforts outward and try to do things to make people love you, but rather focus inward and saturate your mind with loving and caring thoughts and beliefs about yourself.
Love affirmations are an excellent way to do this because the conscious and subconscious mind accept what is often repeated. Once internalized, these beliefs then radiate a subtle field that prompts others to treat you warmly and lovingly.
The affirmations listed below should be reinforced throughout the day. You can read them aloud or silently in your own mind. You may find it most effective to repeat them first audibly and then again silently. When you repeat the affirmations silently it is best to move your lips even though nothing is audibly stated.
You can also reinforce the affirmations by using visualization techniques anytime you have a few minutes in your day. Simply sit back, close your eyes, and mentally imagine yourself radiating love in your aura, and attracting loving expressions from others.

  1. I radiate warmth and love to others.
  2. Each and every day I am more lovable.
  3. People return warm, loving feelings to me.
  4. I love being warm and loving.
  5. I attract others who are warm and loving to me.
  6. I am more lovable every day.
  7. Love energy flows through me and around me.
  8. Each day more love fills my life.
  9. I love myself and others unconditionally.
  10. I truly do love and want the best for others.
  11. Each day there is more love and happiness in all of my relationships.
  12. I give my friendships and relationships tender loving care.
  13. I am patient and kind and freely give my love.
  14. There is a loving beauty in life all around me.
  15. My love is genuine and strong.
  16. I naturally love others and they love me.
  17. I am a being of pure love.
  18. I naturally attract loving relationships.
  19. I automatically attract others who are loving into my life.
  20. I feel grateful for the abundance of love expressing through my life.
  21. I radiate pure love energy which attracts others.
  22. I am a beautiful person.
  23. Radiant love grows within me each passing day.

Begin to pay close attention to how you relate to others. Watch for subtle changes that reflect the increasing amount of love presence radiating from within you. The affirmations define who you are and are in alignment with the nature of your true self.
Be sure to greet others warmly, smile often, speak positively, and accentuate good qualities and experiences. Avoid negativity and concentrate on thinking, feeling, and behaving in a loving manner and it will soon be reflected as the wonderful natural being you are!

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Abraham-Hicks – How do we maintain relationships…. – 12/19/2012

Q: How do we maintain relationships (friends or spouses) with our ever-changing grids.

Abraham begins answering by describing this process: you have grids that match, and then you put things into the Vortex and things change and then there’s no longer a match and they no longer click. You desire more compatibility.
Abraham: You’ve got to find a way to be a vibrational match to that; you can’t keep pointing out to yourself the friction; you can’t keep pointing out to yourself the difference. You’re looking for the parts of harmony. As you look more and more for the parts of harmony, then the parts of harmony are more active in your grid. …

When you accept that it’s your point of attraction that matters and you tend to what’s going on with your vibration and keep your nose out of how the other person is responding to you– Let your dominate relationship be between you and your Vortex version of you.

We would not nitpick our way out of any relationship, ever. We would generalise ourselves in deeper and deeper and deeper. If you really have substantially changed enough that the potential for satisfying all of those changes is no longer probable in that relationship, you’ll know and there’ll be a natural attrition, there’ll be a natural moving away from it.

We would so work the relationship from the vantage point of vibration. There are a lot of magnificent relationships going on in this forum, and you have not even begun to scratch the surface of the depth of what is there for you.
Alaska Cruise, 2012

STNG “The Perfect Mate”

I do not know how many Star Trek fans are followers or read my blog but this episode has always been one of my favorites. What brought me to needing to watch this particular episode has partly been due to how much I am missing my son and how much I am wanting to feel the comfort of a loving mate to help me ride through this difficult day. I watched this episode last night before going to bed and again this morning imaging how good it would “feel” to have someone even close to being like the character in this episode. Of course, I would not want her (whoever the “her” is that is yet to enter my life experience) to “feel” incomplete in my absence…but it also brings to my attention that this is I “feel” during these lonely times when I am not working. Of course seeing how this characters capabilities are fictional/fantasy, just imaging if someone even close to being this way to a prospective and permanent mate just pushes the limits of the imagination and grabbing on those corresponding feelings and seeing where they take you is quite refreshing. And this type of nurturing and caring person could only bring out only the best in their partner and that bond and depth of love would be at such levels that anyone in our presence would “feel” the love radiating out to everyone around us. Below is only a short clip that I was able to find, there are some, what I feel, thought-provoking (in terms of seeing what one would desire in their “Perfect Mate”) throughout the episode, so if you get to see it, please do if you are in search of a “Perfect Mate”. This character molds herself to be the “Perfect Mate” for who she bonds with….wo what/who would be your “Perfect Mate”?

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