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Making Conscious Use

Bench by Mevludin Sejmenovic on

Say, “My own will come to me.” / Then believe it — and
wait. / The distance to the goal / Is the length of faith.
— Clara Blandick, “Daily Formula”

The only person who can speak with authority is the one
who has accepted the Principle of Mind and who has
proved It in his own experience. Such a one will never deny
Its potency.
Therefore, never be concerned over what others might say.
We need be concerned only with our own attitude toward
God, for through the Law of Mind, it is only the content of our
thought which becomes demonstrated for us. There is a freedom
which, in some degree, we may prove in our own experience.
It is a waste of time to study these ideas and then fail to make
conscious use of them. Since the only place we can start is within
our own thought, we should begin at once to make better use of
its creativity. We do not need to wait for a greater understanding;
our use of the Law of Mind is the only thing which will increase
our knowledge of It.
The Law of Mind is no different from other laws of nature —
It exists, but we must be aware of It in order to specifically use It.
We must feel that our word in a spiritual mind treatment is both
cause and effect through the action of this Law; that wherever,
whenever and for whatsoever or whomsoever we speak our
word, the living creative Power swings into action, ready, willing
and able to create and to re-create. … Experience will gradually
teach us just what approaches are necessary in
individual instances either for ourselves or another.
— From “Practical Application of the Science of Mind,” 1958


Thus does my spirit become exalted and take in the picture of

Science of Mind – October 2017



Appearing as You

格陵兰岛大岩壁 by 星尘V on

I and the Father are one.
— John 10:30
The Original life is Infinite. It is good. It is filled with peace.
— Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind” (page 36)

Think about an oak dining room table for a moment. You
wouldn’t say there is oak in the table, so much as the oak
has been formed as the table. The oak is the table, and it is
appearing as the table. So when you think of the life force that
created you, don’t think of it as hanging out inside your chest or
caught up somewhere in your body. It’s not like putting gasoline
in your car and saying there is fuel in the car. The Infinite
wouldn’t fit inside you. Rather, it’s God appearing as you. It’s
Spirit as your life, not in your life, not in your body or even in
your mind.

If there was a piece of oak in the table, you might say there
is oak in the table, but then you don’t have an oak table. All that
the oak is, the table must be, since the oak is the table. “I and my
Father are one” seems pretty clear when you are created of the
“God stuff.” Spirit is appearing as you. Religions of the world
seem to agree that God is Infinite. This logically means there
could not be the Infinite and something else or it wouldn’t be
infinite. All Spirit has to create from is Itself, so then It must be
coming into expression as you.

AFFIRMATION:  All that God is, I am. I and the Spirit are one.

Science of Mind – November 2017



A Diamond or a Rhinestone

Ace of Spades by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on

Your freedom and happiness have been restricted by a story
you haven’t double-checked.
— Alan Cohen
That which is true in principle is only as true in practice as
we make it.
— Ernest Holmes, “It’s Up to You!” (page 161)

Imagine if you found a diamond and, upon looking at it, you
mistakenly deduced it was a rhinestone. Now that doesn’t
make it a rhinestone; it’s still a diamond. Where does the
rhinestone exist? You might say your mind, but the truth is, it
doesn’t exist, there is no rhinestone. You have a false concept in
your field of awareness, but it still doesn’t turn a diamond into a
piece of costume jewelry. When your jeweler tells you that you
have a precious diamond and now you are excited about what
you found, what happens to the rhinestone? Nothing because
there never was a rhinestone. It was always a diamond.

This is the foundation for our spiritual healing. We can mistakenly
see the human condition as a reality and it can truly be
our experience, but that doesn’t make it the truth of our being.
Our first reaction is to heal the false condition thinking it’s real,
but the moment you do that you are attempting to turn a rhinestone
into a diamond.

In reality, you can’t do that because there is no rhinestone
and there is no human condition that supersedes the Divine
Expression of who you already are. The moment you know
the truth that you are looking at a diamond, or God’s perfection,
there can be no otherness, and all false beliefs fade into the nothingness
from which they came.


I know who I am is God expressing.


Science of Mind – November 2017

What Do You Expect?

Garden of the Gods by Lara Koo on

If it’s going to be it’s up to me. – Robert Schuller

We should expect the best, and so live that the best may become a part of our experience. – “The Science of Mind,” page 300

The quality of our life depends on the equality of our thoughts. What we expect from life is what we will manifest. Circumstances don’t create our life, we do. So, if we want our outer world to improve, we need to begin working on our inner world first. As we say in Religious Science, a new cause will produce a new effect. Brian Tracy asks, “What’s better than positive thinking?” His response: “Positive knowing,” where you know with certainty you can achieve something and you expect the universe to back you.

Years ago a couple in the center where I was ministering came and asked me what the church needed. It seemed every six to eight weeks they went to Laughlin, Nevada, to gamble and bought the center something with their winnings.

I suggested a microwave and the next week we had one. One time we received a television set and lots of cash. I can’t say they always won, but in the time I knew them, they never lost. They had no doubt that they would be successful and they were.

One day when we were talking about their success at gambling, they laughed and said, “You’re the teacher, we are just practicing what you taught us. So what if its in a casino, God is there, too.”

Affirmation : In this moment, I know all is well in my life, I expect only good and good is what I experience. I release any thoughts of lack or limitation.

Science of Mind Magazine, August 2017, Daily Guide, page 43

Definitely a MUCH NEEDED reminder between today’s Abraham-Hicks Daily Law of Attraction Quotation  and this message in the above Daily Guide as I have been feelings so overwhelmed with thoughts of lack and limitation. Along with all the other “needs” that have not been able to be met due to lack of enough money, then been without any work at the second job for the past several weeks which has left me with even less money to get by with and then learn yet something else I own needs to be replaced as it is too old to be updated any further which means I cannot update the necessary applications on it that I use and that along with one of the means I could replace it has been limited more and more further delaying my ability to replace it. So as one can imagine when lack and its constant evidence is coming at you are all sides all day and all night one can easily get caught in lack thoughts and feelings and vibrationally take a nose dive….then even worse when I reach out a virtual hand for help, needing that much needed reassurance and comfort AND reminder but NO ONE answers that call, it does not take much to sink even deeper into the abyss. I know still I have not been able to make time to be here making these entries on a regular daily basis but it does seem like the ones I am able to do are the ones I need the most at that time…..


You Are The One

Follow your heart and intuition; they somehow already know what you truly want to become.  – Steve Jobs

The Law of Mind is not selective. That is, it is receptive without caring what it receives. It is creative without caring what it creates. – “The Science of Mind,” page 403

Ernest Holmes write that the hardest thing we have to do is learn to trust the universe. We like to dabble – to pray and pull our words back to see if our prayer is taking hold. What we need to do is know we are one with the only power that is. The great example for us is Jesus. He had no question that Spirit responded to him the way he wished it to. It responded because he never doubted. And the great message for us is when we can develop a belief like that, the universe will respond to us in kind.

Our mind is such a powerful tool. I read recently about a terminal patient who was given a drug that seemed to cure him over night. He then read a report that said it was ineffective and he relapsed. His doctor told him the report was false and he again recovered, only to read once again it was  a hoax, and two days later he made his transition.

When we change how we think, we take ourselves to a new place of consciousness and we manifest to the level of that consciousness.

Many of us are taught that living our dreams is not realistic, so we live in our small world of safety. We stay blissfully in our comfort zone living a life that is less than we could enjoy if we were willing to step into our power. There is no better time than now to step up and say yes to the life you are seeking.

It’s waiting for you just around the corner.

Affirmation : Today, I move out of my comfort zone. I listen to that still small voice and say yes. I know that wherever I go and whatever I do, Spirit goes with me. I cannot fail.

Science of Mind Magazine, August 2017, Daily Guide, page 39

First, my apology for missing posting the Daily Guide for yesterday, time did not permit as had a co-worker that lost a family member and needed to prepare for attending the services today. Of course it is frustrating at times when others do not realize that some of us live alone and have no one to help us and even when you explain that you have a funeral to attend they still expect you to make time for their needs as well instead of being supportive of me being supportive for my co-worker…but I know this is off topic, but some what related as it is partly due to people like this why I find I no longer can “dream” cause I have spent so much time, energy and effort (and emotion) catering and tending to others needs that at the end of the day there is nothing left for me to “feed” my dreams or do things to help me get closer to my dreams thus I have got myself “stuck” in this comfort zone or what I refer to as running in the day to day hamster wheel. If I find myself repeating myself in each other these entries, it is a necessary part of what I need to do to help break this endless garbage loop along with making daily entries from these Science of Mind Daily Guides to force me to read them every day and make an entry about how I am feeling, thinking, etc with regards to that daily guide, especially since I have no one to talk to about any of this as there is no one 1) to talk to, 2) no one to talk to about this and related subjects….but this is a necessary part of the journey to help get me back on track from back years ago when I once had money in the bank, a love in my life and I was happy but then something happened and ALL was taken from me and I have been sad, miserable, alone and “stuck” ever since burying myself in work to escape but all I was doing was (am) burning myself out from always working and never doing anything that truly helped me feel good, better and happy and again “see” the dreams I once dreamed and once lived in my heart……

Living A Limitless Life

Desert Galaxy by Daniel F. on

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. – Goethe

We are limited, not by Principle, but by our own inability to see perfection. – “The Science of Mind,” page 197

Great athletes or performers know what they want, and they are willing to go for it no matter how difficult the challenge. As the above quote by Goethe implies, life does not end with a dream. Dreams are wonderful but we must be bold and act on them.

Ernest Holmes reminds us that the prodigal son remained prodigal as long as he chose to. When he returned to his father’s house, he was greeted with open arms. When we release limiting thoughts, we too shall experience a new life. As Holmes writes, “We shall build a new heaven and a new earth, not in some far off place but here and now.”

Recently I saw a poignant quote from the actor Michael Landon, who made his transition way too soon: “Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say, whatever you want to do, do it now.”

There are only so many tomorrows. No one can live our life for us. Each of us must make the choice to open ourselves to that still small voice and allow Spirit to express through us. To do anything less is to dishonor the gift of life we have been given.

Affirmation: Today, I sit in the silence and become aware of the still small voice that resides within me. I commit to living the purpose I am here to fulfill. I know I am blessed.

–  Science of Mind Magazine, August 2017, Daily Guides, page 37


Yes there are only so many “tomorrows” just as there have been so many “yesterdays” that were not fulfilling cause I was just going through the motions, to day to day grind and not “Living”, Living the life that my heart desires. It can be difficult when one is “stuck” because of spending too much time dwelling mentally (and emotionally) on what could have been and should have been and why didn’t I do this or that or say this or that instead of focusing on making today better and making tomorrow even better steadily rising mentally and vibrationally.




Live for Today

The rise by Peter Zajfrid on

If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is. – Anonymous

I love my past and my future and understand that they are ever but continuations of the one unbroken chain of life. – “The Science of Mind,” page 246

Our life is unfolding in the present. Yet so often we spend our time worrying about the future or regretting the past. Ernest Holmes teaches us that we are constantly living a new life, and when the old and new do not nicely fit together, the old should be disregarded. He taught that we should stay open at the top because there will always be new revelations of old truths. That doesn’t mean we throw out the good that the past has to offer, but we convert it to greater good.

There is a wonderful Zen story about two monks walking on a trail when they come to a fast-moving river. A young woman is standing there weeping because she is afraid to cross it. The older monk picks her up and carries her across. Hours later the younger monk begins to scold the older monk because he touched a woman, which is forbidden in their order. The older monk replies, ” I put her down hours ago but you are still carrying her.”

Think about the times you may have carried an incident from the past into the present. When we do, we create our own prison and see ourselves as victims rather than the powerful beings we are. What issue are you carrying that needs to be left by the river?

Affirmation: Today I focus my life as it is unfolding. I release all thoughts of guilt and shame from my past. I know my life is unfolding in divine perfection.

– Science of Mind Magazine – Daily Guide, August 2017, page 36

How interesting it is that when I FINALLY STOP and MAKE TIME from the day to day grind in the hamster wheel that I have been finding myself “stuck” in for many months now that starting out the new month (trying not to dwell on how much of the summer has already passed and all I have done is work and when not working worrying about the work I still need to do and get done and the financial stress of the seemingly never ending financial stress as I dwell on the smaller paycheck because I am not working (work two jobs, one full time and one part time) and all the other thoughts tied to these and that endless mental spiral down….) that this is the topic that starts this month. I have been for quite some time wanting to make daily entries from the Science of Mind magazine Daily Guides to be an aid to help me F O C U S more and having and living a better life and free myself more and more from this hamster wheel life, just going through the day to day routine and motions and always ending the day feeling more sad and frustrated that nothing good or better happened in my life and feel no closer to what my heart desires and hungers so much for. I have lost count on how many times I have bought the magazine for the intent on doing this and it never gets taken out of the bag once I get home, or do take it out of the bag an put it in my laptop case but there it sits forgotten about until weeks later and the month has passed. Yeah, I beat myself up over this (along with and about many other things) which I know I should not do…but do anyway, one of many things I need to work on myself on.

So let the new journey begin……



Science of Mind Magazine – 11/11/2013

Q: If thoughts are things, and I truly believe a specific outcome will occur, and have no hidden resistance, how come things sometimes don’t go the way I’d envisioned?

A: Ernest Holmes, our founder, writes, “We do not teach that you can get what you want. If we could all get what we want, it might be disastrous, for it is certain that most of us would want things that would interfere with the wel…l-being of someone else.” So what *can* we get? Says Holmes, we can greatly influence our environment, its reaction to us, the situations we meet, and the conditions we contact. Elsewhere, he mentions that the Science of Mind is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, but a lifelong study of spiritual principles acting through our apparently material lives. When things don’t go the way we envision, it’s because they are busy going some other way. The way they go is not ultimately the point. How we *feel* about that is the point. When you determine the quality of feeling in which you prefer to live (the combination of harmony, plenty, creativity, joy…), and then begin to feel those ways by affirming them and finding their representations in life as it is right now, then things change for the better.

Things change when the internal dynamic holding them in place changes. It still doesn’t mean that we can select, and then get, the precise experiences we imagine, because we live not in isolation but as part of an organic system of swirling, interacting life. Now, sometimes we do walk into pretty much the exact thing we’d hoped for and affirmed, and that’s because it was available in that moment to be free to be ours. Other times, the conditions we meet generally conform to what we envisioned. Still other times, they don’t look anything at *all* like what we had in mind, so we learn to grow past judging by appearances, convinced from experience that behind the appearances are forms conducive to our feeling well, loved, and at peace.

From the Q&A by Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings, SOM 4/10.

Science Of Mind Magazine – 9/22/2013

*** by Lincoln Harrison on

*** by
Lincoln Harrison

Imagine What?

Ernest Holmes reminds us that we create twice, once in thought and then in manifestation. Thoughts that I allow consistently have the best chance of becoming reality. My role as co-creator with the Divine begins with the discipline of paying attention to my thoughts.

When I first became acquainted with the power of thought, I was a bit paranoid, because I often experienced negative, knee-jerk reactions. However, I soon learned that a passing thought does not make a pattern. Like any good prayer, I can expect thoughts of lack and limitation to be honored and answered fully. To choose more wisely, I added the phrase “cancel-cancel” after my negative internal talk. Thus, I allowed consistency, not the exception, to rule.

Power of thought works both ways. I can either conjure up a world that works for everyone or allow thoughts that limit my good. My deliberate prayers are about hanging out in an expectation of abundance. Yet, when I allow the thoughts of “I’m not good enough” or “There isn’t enough prosperity in my life,” those also are prayers. Either way, imagination gives mental form for the prayers to manifest. Wow! I control that form. What an awesome system Life has designed for us.

Here’s a powerful exercise to create abundance using your imagination. Imagine beyond what you think is possible. Way beyond! You want to engage the brain in creating new connections totally unlike the past. You want it to be outrageous, new, and surprising. This elicits tremendous feeling. Imagine basking in the gloriousness of expanded emotions: proud, sexy, honorable, respected, secure, generous, powerful, humble. Imagine the awesomeness of freedom, generosity, and peace of mind inherent in outrageous abundance and deep gratitude. The mind does not distinguish between objective reality and the reality created in imagination. After the outrageous ideas and exceptional feelings, release it with “this or something far greater.” The abundance the Divine has in store for us can shock, delight, and leave us dumbfounded.

From Rev. Kathleen Lenover’s “Practical Prosperity” column, SOM Sep 2013.

Science of Mind – 8/19/2013

Life for me now can be so intense, fast, and challenging. I yearn for simplicity. Yet, I am not naive enough to think that wishing for it will change demands of past commitments, current job responsibilities, or a packed schedule. Then, it dawns on me that simplicity is my mental approach to life.

[Science of Mind founder] Ernest Holmes, in his document “What We Believe,” states that heaven is here on earth and we experience it to the degree that we become aware of it. Wow! I could create a heavenly life by my consciousness. So I gave it a try. This concept brought me much joy. I noticed the thrill of unexpected income, people’s warm greetings after Sunday services, the absolute love of family and friends. Heaven was everywhere, and life became much simpler as my focus turned away from the negative.

From the Practical Prosperity column by Rev. Kathleen Lenover, SOM August 2013.

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