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Quest for the Unknown by Jorge Maia on

Quest for the Unknown by
Jorge Maia

One of the tasks of the disciples was to learn how to pray. They had watched Jesus in his ministry among the sick and the ignorant, among those common people who heard him so gladly. They had seen new light come into the eyes of those whose vision had been dulled. They had seen a new energy flowing through the limbs of those who had been paralyzed. They had seen the lame walk, the dumb speak, and the deaf hear. And so the disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. Jesus answered them by saying that God was right where they were: “…behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” He said that everyone’s method of prayer is good; that there is Something that answers everyone according to his belief in It; that God will never ask what you have been doing, or what mistakes you have made, or how good or bad you have been. When you ask, believing, He will give you what you ask for.

Jesus’ words were so simple that we overlook their meaning: Something greater than I am, Something bigger, Something I can come to, Something that will listen, Something that understands, Something that will answer.

– From Discover a Richer Life by Ernest Holmes; The Power of Faith pages 89-90

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