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40 Day Prosperity Plan

”Money is not my supply. No person, place, or condition is my supply. My awareness, understanding, and knowledge of the all-providing activity of the Divine Mind within me is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited; therefore, my supply is unlimited.”

In the Abundance Book by John Randolph Scott, he talks about the 40 Day Prosperity Plan. Basically there are 10 Statements of Principle like the one above that is supposed to read, meditated upon, and then write down your thoughts regarding that days statement. You go througj each of the 10 statements 4 times thus completing your 40 days. If there is a day missed then ypu need to start over again. I have the statement set up to send me that days statement twice each day, once in the morning and again that night. The thought being if I am unable to read, meditate, write about that days statement in the morning, I have another chance that night.
Two challenges I faced using this tool. Over time with working two jobs and varying demands it at times became difficult to do it either morning or night. And if I did it at night usually fuel cells were so low my heart was not really in to it. The second challenge which is also the same one I am trying to overcome with my daily “The PLAN” journal entries is that the words seemed “flat”. The Spiritual Tricoder read no life signs in my words and thus with no life there was no belief in those words. So both these tools kind of fell off the grid. But I still get the Statements of Principle twice every day on my BlackBerry, just don’t do anything with them….until today where I am going to try to start up again at the beginning of a new week and month (and a month is all I have left to meet these deadlines) and also find a way to breath life back in my words for my “The PLAN” entries.

Now on to today’s statement, not actually the first one on the list but I feel actually a good starting point for I habitually get into “counting paydays” and that feeling of dread when checling my bank balance as it always seems significantly less than what I “feel” it should be…but as this statement says “Money is not supply” just as my job(s) and resultant paychecks are not my supply! But I give so much attention to how much money is currently in the bank, how many extra hours do I feel I can push myself to work (or get asked to work), and how many days until I get paid again and what bills can be paid, what bills have tp be paid, and which ones can wait a little longer…instead I should be thinking about and connecting with Source and then none of these other things would matter for they would always be taken care of in Divine Order as I think more about Living and Having Fun on this life journey! I feel held back from so many things because of a lack of money….but there is no lack of Source and if I turn my thoughts away from checking my physical bank account and paying more attention to my Spiritual Bank account the physical one will take care of itself for the Spiritual will always make sure there is always money to meet every need at every moment! So Be It!

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