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Believe You Are That Light

—by Ernest Holmes

And we must awaken ourselves — rediscover that lost paradise, that child who was not afraid of the Universe in which he lived, that child who did not deny himself or his God, that child who had not listened to the dull, monotonous tune of condemnation, until he had isolated himself in fear from the Universe in guilt and, being antisocial, became anti-spiritual, and finally, for his own self-protection in the world that hurts so much, must regret until nature relieves him, which it always will — because limitation and want and lack and pain belong only to the lower order of perception.

There is a place on the side of the mountain we are ascending where, like the burden of the pilgrim, there is an ascent which, having gone beyond the peaks that obstructed the light around us, reaches an apex where no longer any shadows are cast. This is the light that is spoken of that lighteth every man ’s path.

And as you believe that you live, believe you are that light. As you believe in the possibility of your own soul, believe it is God. As you believe in God, believe in yourself.

—Excerpted from the February 2021 issue of Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine


Science of Mind Magazine – 11/11/2013

Q: If thoughts are things, and I truly believe a specific outcome will occur, and have no hidden resistance, how come things sometimes don’t go the way I’d envisioned?

A: Ernest Holmes, our founder, writes, “We do not teach that you can get what you want. If we could all get what we want, it might be disastrous, for it is certain that most of us would want things that would interfere with the wel…l-being of someone else.” So what *can* we get? Says Holmes, we can greatly influence our environment, its reaction to us, the situations we meet, and the conditions we contact. Elsewhere, he mentions that the Science of Mind is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, but a lifelong study of spiritual principles acting through our apparently material lives. When things don’t go the way we envision, it’s because they are busy going some other way. The way they go is not ultimately the point. How we *feel* about that is the point. When you determine the quality of feeling in which you prefer to live (the combination of harmony, plenty, creativity, joy…), and then begin to feel those ways by affirming them and finding their representations in life as it is right now, then things change for the better.

Things change when the internal dynamic holding them in place changes. It still doesn’t mean that we can select, and then get, the precise experiences we imagine, because we live not in isolation but as part of an organic system of swirling, interacting life. Now, sometimes we do walk into pretty much the exact thing we’d hoped for and affirmed, and that’s because it was available in that moment to be free to be ours. Other times, the conditions we meet generally conform to what we envisioned. Still other times, they don’t look anything at *all* like what we had in mind, so we learn to grow past judging by appearances, convinced from experience that behind the appearances are forms conducive to our feeling well, loved, and at peace.

From the Q&A by Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings, SOM 4/10.

It’s Up to You : Thinking Creatively – 10/21/2013

Volcan Imbabura mirror by Iván Maigua on

Volcan Imbabura mirror by
Iván Maigua

It may be asked: What can we depend upon? Whom can we trust? The answer is: First set our mental and spiritual house in order and then, insofar as possible, make it produce for us the necessary and the beautiful things of life. What can be more practical than to gain the ability to demonstrate in our experience that we can consciously call on a higher Power to do our bidding, whenever our will is in conjunction with Its nature, with the full assurance that It can never withhold our real good from us.

– From It’s Up to You by Ernest Holmes; Chapter – Thinking Creatively, page 97

Discover a Richer Life : Using the Law of Mind; A Response to Every Thought – 10/14/2013

Chichen Itza at night by Piotr Nikiel on

Chichen Itza at night by
Piotr Nikiel

There is a Law of Mind in action, Intelligence taking form through Law; and Its action in our experience can only be a result of motivation by our thought.

This probably confuses many, for most people are a little bit superstitious when they come to think of things spiritual, not realizing that everything in the universe has to be governed by law and order; that there would have to be laws of Mind or Spirit, just as there are physical laws. This is why Jesus said it is done unto us as we believe. There is something that does it, but only as we believe; therefore it responds to us by corresponding with our acceptance of it. Now at first this seems a little difficult and hard to accept and it looks as though we couldn’t understand it; but what do we really understand? We do not understand how acorns become oak trees, we do not understand anything other than the way nature works. The why and how, science, philosophy, and religion know nothing about, and these are the only avenues of knowledge we have. if, then we had the same faith in spiritual law that we do and must have in everything we deal with in nature we would have perfect faith, because we wouldn’t doubt and seeming miracles would happen every day.

-From Discover a Richer Life by Ernest Holmes; Chapter 7 – Using the Law of Mind, pages 41-42

Discover a Richer Life : The Power of Faith – 10/10/2013

Quest for the Unknown by Jorge Maia on

Quest for the Unknown by
Jorge Maia

One of the tasks of the disciples was to learn how to pray. They had watched Jesus in his ministry among the sick and the ignorant, among those common people who heard him so gladly. They had seen new light come into the eyes of those whose vision had been dulled. They had seen a new energy flowing through the limbs of those who had been paralyzed. They had seen the lame walk, the dumb speak, and the deaf hear. And so the disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. Jesus answered them by saying that God was right where they were: “…behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” He said that everyone’s method of prayer is good; that there is Something that answers everyone according to his belief in It; that God will never ask what you have been doing, or what mistakes you have made, or how good or bad you have been. When you ask, believing, He will give you what you ask for.

Jesus’ words were so simple that we overlook their meaning: Something greater than I am, Something bigger, Something I can come to, Something that will listen, Something that understands, Something that will answer.

– From Discover a Richer Life by Ernest Holmes; The Power of Faith pages 89-90

Creative Mind : The Greater Consciousness – 10/9/2013

Early morning by Henning Joergensen on

Early morning by
Henning Joergensen

People will often ask, ” What is the best method for demonstration?” There is but one answer to that question; the Word is the only possible method of demonstrating anything; the word really felt and embodied in our thought. Then the word becomes flesh and dwells among us and we behold and experience it. We will ask for no other way when we understand this.

– From Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes; The Greater Consciousness page 34

This Thing Called You : Chapter XI – 10/7/2013

Murrays Beach Sunset #3 by Kevin Morgan on

Murrays Beach Sunset #3 by
Kevin Morgan

Cultivating your own thought, living in the conscious expectancy and affirmation, knowing the truth in season and out of season, you are doing your part. The Law will never fail you. Your problem is to convert your own thinking. You do this through words, audibly or inaudibly expressed; through thoughts, ideas, beliefs, prayer (which is silent communion with the Invisible), realization, meditation, whatever you choose to call the process.

Words are molds into which the creative substance of your consciousness flows. Words without meaning, while they may have some effect through constant repetition, cannot have the same effect that words with meaning have. Your words will have meaning in such degree as you actually feel that they are the activity of the Spirit within you.

– From This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes; Chapter XI – page 96

This Thing Called Life : Chapter VIII – 10/4/2013

Glen Ellis Falls by Eric Girouard on

Glen Ellis Falls by
Eric Girouard

The following is a simple practice which may greatly benefit you:

The One Supreme Power, Life, Intelligence and Spirit is within, around and through me. My word is the activity of this Infinite Mind and is the law of good in my experience.

It is perfect in its action and permanent in its manifestation. Infinite Intelligence governs, sustains and animates me. Good alone goes from me and good alone returns to me.

The Law of Spirit establishes harmony and right adjustment of all personal, family and business affairs or conditions in my life. I am supplied with every good thing. I am happy, radiant and complete. The Source of all life manifests as peace, harmony and wholeness in my experience.

Everything that I do, say or think is governed by pure Intelligence and inspired by Divine Wisdom. I am guided into right action. I am surrounded with friendship, love and beauty. Enthusiastic joy, vitality and inspiration are in everything I do.

I represent that Life which cannot want, which is forever manifesting freedom, self-expression and wholeness. I represent the principle of Divine Activity which never tires, which is birthless, changeless and deathless. I am receptive to the inexhaustible energy of the universe, tyo Divine Guidance and to the influx of perfect life, perfect ideas, and complete joy.

I know as a result of this spiritual realization, happiness, health and prosperity immediately will spring into action and manifest in everything I do, say or think.

I am conscious of Divine Guidance, of completer happiness, abundant health and increasing prosperity. I am aware of my partnership with the Infinite. I know that everything I do shall prosper.

I accept this word. I know that it is the Presence, the Power and the Activity of God in me. I know I am conscious of Divine Guidance, of inward peace and poise. I immediately become conscious of a more abundant life. I expect greater good, more happiness and a complete success in every constructive thing which I undertake.

Again I affirm that this word, being the presence of the Spirit in me, is the Law of God operating through me, and establishing in me that which is good, beautiful and true.

It is done. I accept. I believe. I know.

– From This Thing Called Life by Ernest Holmes; Chapter VIII, pages 90-92

Creative Mind and Success : First Steps – 10/2/2013

Oú est le petit Chaperon Rouge II by Lars van de Goor on

Oú est le petit Chaperon Rouge II by
Lars van de Goor

Thoughts of failure, limitation or poverty are negative and must be counted out of our lives for all time. Somebody will say, “But what of the poor; what are you going to do with them; are they to be left without help?” No; a thousand times no. The same Power is in them that is in all men. They will always be poor until they awake and realize what life is. All the charity on earth has never done away with poverty, and never will; if it could have done so it would have done so; it could not, therefore it has not. It will do a man a thousand times more good to show him how to succeed than it will to tell him he needs charity. We need not listen to all the calamity howlers. Let them howl if it does them any good. God has given us a Power and we must use it. We can do more toward saving the world by proving this law than all that charity has ever given it.

– From Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes, First Steps page 13

Discover a Richer Life : Start to Live a New Life – 10/1/2013

Starry Night in the False Kiva by Mark Epstein on

Starry Night in the False Kiva by
Mark Epstein

    Every day is a fresh beginning, every day is the world made new. And when we discover that split second beyond time that Jesus and all the great, good, and wise have told us about – that moment in the eternal present when we are no longer conditioned by the past and when anticipation of the future does not condition the present – we shall be free.

– From Discover a Richer Life by Ernest Holmes, Chapter 9 – Start a New Life, page 57

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