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If All You Did Was Just Look For Things….


Quiet Your Mind And Recieve

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Getting Around Hindering Beliefs

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A New Creation

Morning Rayed by Brett Gasser on 500px.comOne mode of the divine teaching is in the incarnation of the

spirit in a form . . . in forms, like my own.
— “Emerson’s Essays,” page 195
The spirit of the thing is the thought. There is its essence, law
and cause.                                                                             — “The Science of Mind,” page 194

The mind of God is always new. Not bound by time and
space, it is always in a creative mode, some of which is
being carried out by the expansive vistas of humankind.
We who participate in the use of Infinite Mind, by our natures,
must be creative also. While the creative process is not limited
by time and space, as we said before, the things of creation
are, and they will take as much time as they need to come into
form, even if the original idea came in an instant.
There is one thing that creative people must work with:
the fact that the instantaneous emergence of a creative speak
may need an unfolding process. This can take time, energy
and the discovery of ways and means to give form and shape
to visible outcomes. Patience is needed and so is attention to
detail. We may need to put effort (not struggle) into the process
of manifestation.
If there is real joy in creativity, there will also be joy in its
follow-through, in the burnishing of an idea into a glistening
appearance that can bring good to great numbers of people,
for creativity is not for ourselves alone; it is the manifestation
of the Divine Inspiration brought into the world for benefit.
There is an uplift in knowing that we are agents of the Divine
whenever we embody something new, something vital to life.
The push-forward of the creative urge is with us when an idea,
image or strong sense seizes us. Yes, we can say no to being
creative if we wish, but it may cost us in unfulfilled desires.


The Divine Good fulfills mealways has, always willand
I access it every day. I welcome the creative urge within me, and
I am ready to give it form. I await consistent guidance.

Daily Guide January 31st, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine

Your Guidance System


No Assertion Just Attraction

Divine Order

Night in the Dolomites. by Maxim K. on 500px.comAnd thus ever, behind the coarse effect, is a fine cause, which

being narrowly seen, is itself the effect of a finer cause.
— “Emerson’s Essays,” page 213
The Spirit knows and the Law obeys.
— “The Science of Mind,” page 191

The universe does appear to work according to a
fine and natural order of its own creation. This becomes apparent
to us as we find ourselves working with the universal
law of mind, which we must do since our minds are part of
the God mind. Actually, we discover soon enough when we
are not in accord with the movement of divine order because
things seem to be “stuck.” The flow is not smooth, and we
seem to be pushing uphill.
     This often appears if the outcomes we receive do not match
what we think we want. Perhaps we approached the law with
mixed thoughts, confused thoughts or angry thoughts, which
can only produce their like in our lives. Perhaps we want to
control an outcome; we want others to behave according to our
desires — and we all know how this turns out!
     We would do well to remember that universal order follows
its own law, and we must understand how the law of cause
and effect works. We need to remember that whatever we give
the law to work on, it will reproduce in our lives.
     Ernest Holmes reminds us that “we attract to ourselves the
objective form of our subjective embodiments. Law knows
how to make things out of ideas.” Our task, then, is to make
sure our conscious thoughts and subconscious beliefs work
together for successful living through the forms our thoughts


The Divine Good fulfills mealways has, always will — and
I access it every day. My thoughts are clear and orderly. I make sure
I give power to the ideas I wish to see as outcomes in my life.

Daily Guide January 30th, 2018 – Science Of Mind Magazine

God Always Receives Us

Below the Horizon by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px.comWe interfere with the extension of nature.

                                                                               — “Emerson’s Essays,” page 96
The Universe, being deductive only, cannot refuse man anything.
                                                                               — “The Science of Mind,” page 209

 In some people’s belief systems, there is a silent (or not so
silent) fear that God likes other people better than them.
I know some people who really feel that there is something
basically the matter with them, that they are created out of
leftovers rather than the “good stuff.” Ernest Holmes has said
that God knows “form but not size,” which means there is no
sense of big or small. This is also saying that the designations
on what to receive, how to receive and when to receive belong
to how much or how little we know of ourselves as spiritual
     It makes no sense that God prefers Catholics over Protestants
or Buddhists over Muslims. These are orders of preference
that we have set upon ourselves due to fear and hatred of
some kind of “other.” It becomes even more troublesome when
we make it personal from one human being to another.
     Oneness with God must mean that all are given the gifts
alike and appear different only according to our abilities to
receive. By the same token, God receives us in whatever conditions
we may present ourselves … fully and completely or
with many hesitations. Any senses of rejection, then, can only
be on our parts, not the Creator’s. It belongs to us and our
individual mind-sets to set aside the stories we have created
and turn fully and completely to God.


The Divine Good fulfills mealways has, always will — and
I access it every day. I release any senses of “more than” or “less
than” within myself. Instead, I know myself to be fully endowed.

Daily Guides – January 29th, 2018 – Science Of Mind – January 2018

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