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Abraham Says Choose How You Feel!!

Always never cease to be amazed how that one message I really need to hear at a particular moment in time is the one that I am drawn to listen to for posting or it some cases pops up as on the “recommended” list. I have found myself for the past couple of weeks really blowing up my private journal, just getting much “stuff” off my chest. Yes, I know initially this is feeding more energy into “what-is” and “what-is” has been kicking my ass, but doing this is helping me to find better focus on “What Is Desired/Needed” so even though there is much turbulence in trying to get back to at least the General Level” flying altitude, once I get back there I should be able to maintain that vibrational level better and longer allowing me to then increment myself to flying way above the dark clouds of “What-Is” and again seeing the sunshine, the stars, and beyond into the Infinity of Source!


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Definitely needed to hear this message this morning, again a reminder that my “feeling good” is NOT dependent on another (or others), but dependent on ME making the decision to “feel good” and happy….for “others” and their behavior and never-ending asking for help have really been dragging me down vibrationally…..and the changing to colder weather ain’t helping either, but in both cases I have no control of them or the weather, only control over how I choose to feel and react to the weather and “them”…..

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Science of Mind Magazine – 11/11/2013

Q: If thoughts are things, and I truly believe a specific outcome will occur, and have no hidden resistance, how come things sometimes don’t go the way I’d envisioned?

A: Ernest Holmes, our founder, writes, “We do not teach that you can get what you want. If we could all get what we want, it might be disastrous, for it is certain that most of us would want things that would interfere with the wel…l-being of someone else.” So what *can* we get? Says Holmes, we can greatly influence our environment, its reaction to us, the situations we meet, and the conditions we contact. Elsewhere, he mentions that the Science of Mind is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, but a lifelong study of spiritual principles acting through our apparently material lives. When things don’t go the way we envision, it’s because they are busy going some other way. The way they go is not ultimately the point. How we *feel* about that is the point. When you determine the quality of feeling in which you prefer to live (the combination of harmony, plenty, creativity, joy…), and then begin to feel those ways by affirming them and finding their representations in life as it is right now, then things change for the better.

Things change when the internal dynamic holding them in place changes. It still doesn’t mean that we can select, and then get, the precise experiences we imagine, because we live not in isolation but as part of an organic system of swirling, interacting life. Now, sometimes we do walk into pretty much the exact thing we’d hoped for and affirmed, and that’s because it was available in that moment to be free to be ours. Other times, the conditions we meet generally conform to what we envisioned. Still other times, they don’t look anything at *all* like what we had in mind, so we learn to grow past judging by appearances, convinced from experience that behind the appearances are forms conducive to our feeling well, loved, and at peace.

From the Q&A by Rev. Dr. Jesse Jennings, SOM 4/10.

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