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Kristopher Raphael – 3/1//2012

Remember, not only do you create your reality, you choose how you will perceive what you create.

Meditate on this, I will….

Kristopher Raphael – 2/15/2012

In this order, BE what you desire, DO what you desire and you will HAVE what you desire

As soon as I posted the last entry this one popped up in the feed and the 1st part directly relates to what I mentioned about being the person you want to attract.
The “DO” part in the challenge with demands from two jobs. Not much let time left for the “DO” part but I some how have to find a way of getting some open TDM slots for personal spiritual time (just while making this post got a phone call on this BlackBerry & an email from the boss on the work BlackBerry).
I even saw a previous post talking about getting up a little earlier to have time for me. Even had a friend tell me how he created a little “zone” to reclaim time for himself and stuck to it everyday & then began expanding this zone. I have not yet been successful in doing this, being the type of work I do, the day is and can be very dynamic & unpredictable. But some way, some how need to reclaim some TDM slots for me…so that I can BE, DO, and HAVE!


Kristopher Raphael – 2/15/2012

You Were Not Meant To Be Alone – The Oracle on relationship

I will be honest I have not read the article/story yet as it was really the “You Were Not Meant To Be Alone” which got my attention being this is one the areas needing much work (and currently the source of much stress in my life)
I am beginning to believe that it is best to be alone until You become what you want to attract for your partner/Love. Until you are a vibrational match then it is best to be alone to do the inner house cleaning. Otherwise there is a lot of trial and error, frustration, sadness, anger, etc…
During those times I was alone there were those difficult lonely days and nights but overall I was happier because there was not someone dragging me down to their level nor the negativity nor the monopolizing of time and resources and using “Love” as a manipulation tool to coerce or generate false feelings of guilt. And not going to mention the financial drain (main reason why I am in so much debt) This is a subject I have in the past jokingly said I could write a book and over a year ago had actually started writing but then….
But it is, on the one hand easier to get your vibration to the type if ideal person you would love to have in your life than to be deep in the “ICK” of a bad one and try to pull yourself and your vibration up. Of course makes it very obvious what I do not want and thinking about what I DO WANT!
And after yesterday I am sure there are (hopefully) many people expresssing much gratitude for the Love they have in their life and there are others hopefully doing the necessary Inner work and visualization and Happy Happy Joy Joy feelings to attract the Love their heart hungers for.

Kristopher Raphael – 2/14/2012

React to life and you are a slave to it. Respond to life and you are a master of dominion.

It is so easy to fall into that “knee-jerk” reaction, always running around putting out “fires” that should have never been started & could have been avoided. Need to get out of the “Fire Marshall Bill” mode….

Kristopher Raphael – 2/11/2012

The key to manifesting your deepest dreams, hopes and desires is to live them now, instead of waiting for them to come into form

Live them, Feel them, Breathe life into them…NOW!

Kristopher Raphael Twitter Post – 12/28/2011

Source has already created a most magnificent dream for you. Are you ready to walk into it?

Now this is something that can make you stop and imagine the most magnificent dream standing before you, the door already opened and all you need to do is…just walk in! If it could that easy…..

Kristopher Raphael – 12/25/2011

“We hardly ever realize that we can cut anything out of our lives, anytime, in the blink of an eye” Miguel Ruiz

Dare to dream. What have you got to lose…really? How big is your dream today?

Both of the statements were from @krisraphael Twitter feed today and I put them both here in one post because they are, in my mind and heart, related.  I will start with the second statement first. I used to be able to dream with ease, I could visualize very vividly and really get into the dreams. The problem is that I didn’t believe that I could really have or live what I was visualizing so I was doing nothing more than fantasizing. I was not truly getting into what I was visualizing even though I was at times able to get lost in my visualizations and be surprised at times when I would come back to reality to realize it was just a dream. And to add to that I would get the free home magazines in the grocery stores advertising homes for sale. I would go through each one page by page picking homes that I liked and trying it out in my imagination. I would buy the different wealth magazines like Millionaire and Robb Report, etc… and get into the Wealth images. But I was not getting into them with the depth of my emotion and Belief! But in spite of this I was able to have brief moments of success BUT these were unfortunately short lived. Example something would happen and I would have money in the bank, then not long after that circumstances would conspire to take all that money plus what I didn’t have plunging me deeper in debt. Or hungering for True Love, thinking I found it only to realize it was not True (it felt and was True to me and my heart but…)  or having it taken from me and then not able to “let go” of that to only miss out on what could have been “The One” but still longed for the one that was taken from me….which I now realize was taken from me for what I now believe was a reason because something/someone better was just over the horizon but I was too busy looking at the closed to door to see the sun rising to something/someone better. Now, I stand here looking around me at my life thinking how the hell I did I get here….and then I think about how much time I spent banging on that closed door asking to be let back in and got my wish and that locked door was re-opened….now wishing it was closed and locked again!

Which brings me to the first statement “…we can cut anything out of our lives, anytime, in the blink of an eye”. This requires 100% committed BELIEF! This would be beyond that 51% tipping point, which I am still working to reach that level, wish there was a spiritual gauge some place to be able to know how high (or low) on the scale I am. But that statement gives me added hope that what things are not desired can be removed and replaced with what is desired!

Kristopher Raphael – 12/14/2011

Empty yourself of all worries, stress, problems, stuck places, and Source will fill you with the glory of abundance, love, and well being

If only it were as easy as pulling an imaginary lever and all of these things would be flushed out and the way clean and clear to be filled with ALL the Good of Source! But since there is ni such lever one must make a conscious effort to clean house and clear out all the “mental & emotion garbage” and then all the new shiny positive things and circumstances can take their place.

Kristopher Raphael

Live as if your dreams are already manifest and they will be #quotes #kristopher

Came across this Twitter post from Kristopher Raphael (@krisraphael) and it is ironic how I happened to come across this as I was thinking about the things I wish I had or the things I wish I could do but the lack of funds prevents me from having the freedom to do and have these things. So this message serves as a good reminder of how I SHOULD be thinking and feeling and not keep feeding the ”Lack & Limitation” monster. Also on my mind today was how much I am missing the laptop that was stolen from me, and did my thoughts of lack play into it being stolen and why the laptop that I bought in memory of my late mother and the one that had my projects I was working on and my photos. And was thinking if I thought about what I would be doing if I still had it and believed and felt the way I would if I still had it would the way open for its return or its replacement? (of course replacement would not replace the lost photos or work) I guess its the upcoming holiday season that has me thinking this way with being bombarded with ads & specials for electronics and computers. So the timing of this message again serves as my daily reminder to how I need to be thinking and feeling and not about all the lack laughing in my face!

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